A good bud/my next door neighbor asked me to DJ at he and his partner’s food truck opening tomorrow. I didn’t let myself even contemplate saying anything but yes!

Totally was planning on stopping by but more low key. Wasn’t planning on spending any time tonight getting records together, but when someone asks you to do something you love you gotta say yes! My response already hooked me with a night of music and it will be an honor to rep tomorrow night!

It’s so easy to get caught up in other plans and wack excuses so I try real hard to not overthink questions like this, put out an immediate hell yeah, and let the rest fall into place – trusting in the serendipity.

So far so good on this method as far as I can remember right now… does it work for you? I’m searching for that horror story of agreeing to something terrible but what’s also cool is you can still always change your mind and say no thx! Full circle hype!