Jam of the Century – Disc Jock B Hill on Chances With Wolves!

One of the coolest crew moves of all time happened this week when Chances With Wolves put up episode number 408 featuring our bud B Hill!

He texted after it came out to share the hype, and hadn’t said a word about it (to me) leading up. Just let it drop and humbly repped an incredible mix for the crew/WORLD. I texted back wishing I could have told myself this was going to happen 10 years ago…

This got me thinking… what other stuff has happened in life that I’d want to share with myself ten years ago? I know I’d tell myself about my wife (who I was with then but didn’t realize our relationship could ever be this dope), our animals, my job (and hella uncharted path to get here), putting out music on a favorite record label with my best bud, Count Bass D performing at my friends’ underground venue, ThinkTank!!

That’s a bit of what I’d put on my personal list, how about you?

Maybe its not 100% hype. Could be hard stuff you’ve been through and learned from too. Anything surprising is probably fair game.

B Hill X Chances With Wolves is such a perfect example. We’ve looked up to them and listened to them for years (thank you Mars T). And B Hill took that inspo, did his thing for a decade, digging for better records, practicing his craft, and most importantly – being a chiller people love to be around. This combo is destined for the greatness of meeting incredible DJs – why not some we put in the Michael Jordan category?

Maybe we can use this hype for what’s next – what can happen ten years from now based on the work you’re doing today. As our 10 years ago list proves – we can add milestones that we might not even think are possible. Maybe even hide your future list away in a google doc and give yourself a notification to open it in 2029.

If you find it hard to come up with things you’d like to tell your younger self, that might be a good sign to focus on uppercutting the future. A good sign to look ahead at what’s possible, and start doing the small stuff to get there now.

If you’re superstitious is this a bad omen, cart before the horse type of sich? Or is it just adding some amazing things to the back of our minds that we might slowly be working towards right now? I’m hoping for the latter and putting some crazy things in my digi google doc time capsule rn 🙂

Be you – Do you 🧡💙

Mind your intake: What if art is the news?

We’re a blank slate in the morning, and it’s our choice what starts shaping our day…

I woke up at about my usual time today, always shooting for 5:30 telling myself ‘discipline is a muscle’ and actually getting up around 6.

Most mornings I get my tumeric/honey/lemon drink steeping and head out to my lil shtudio (aka og brown shack aka Xanadu) for about 15 minutes of yoga and then a 15 minutes meditation – capping it off with walking my dog who depending on the day is either losing his shit or asleep on the couch.

I kept reading about how having a solid morning routine is huge for setting the day off right so I slowly worked my way into this version and it’s been a pretty badass way to slide in and set myself in the right direction for the day. *I also totally acknowledge being lucky as hell for not having to jet out for work this early – shoutout: my brother*

Today was a bit different as we didn’t have any water at the house and live in Tucson which is home to not the best drinking water. So I grabbed a 5-gallon jug and started the day with a water mission.

Lots (and maybe most) of my drive time is reserved for blasting Joshua Johnson or other journalists I dig. So I got in the van thinking I’d get some early morning NPR time but stopped short of that and put in the new Busdriver instead. 

My day was totally open. 100% free from any sources beyond my fam. To add anything but raw art to that felt wrong.

Plus Busdriver’s new album is news.  It’s only a couple months old (which I’m old enough to consider new) and consists of track after track of dope vibes and stories reflecting everything happening in our world.

Getting water was so damn fun! I let it bump with the doors open while I filled the jug in the empty liquor store parking lot where our fav water dispenser sits – feeling honored to hear this music and let it meld my morning.

I went into the day knowing I could do or make whatever I want. The things I was about to do felt creatively charged and less like work.

Same goes for our bodies. I’ve been trying something for a little while where if I’m pretty hungry (and still in control of my actions so not hangry) I’ll shoot for some fruit or something small first to subside – instead of smashing right into that sammy.

In the same way my day was wide open this morning, I feel like my hungry self is open for whatever and loves it when I drop some good things inside first.

Is that a stretch? What’s your morning routine? Ever try jumping into some 6am ‘Driver? 

Holler if you want and thanks for peeping ♥

Official hype chart 1.0

I know this isn’t a totally new idea and probably has a name but it came to me during DO(OM) YOGA this 12/31 – And I have no problem with ‘corny’ New Year New You plans. Why diss any idea working to do you better? 

Here’s what I think this it’s saying in case you want to try it:

  • Purple – some things that rep you the most (or you want to rep you the most)
  • Green – Expand the circle of those purple things
  • Blue, orange, light green – Hype ideas your circles make you think of in the moment

*Don’t worry if you miss something,  I know I did (sorry LUG and V). Mine definitely changed from my head at yoga → frantic credit card envelope chicken scratch → Xandu whiteboard.

It seems like you can continue these circles forever, but my favorite part of doing this was realizing it’s enough and so much of what we do is inherent based on our core (whether or not we acknowledge it).

It points to who you are and recognizes the years of experience of your badassedness. Rad vibe to take to the next job interview, walk around the block,  or art project – realizing you already have it dialed, just jump in and crush!

Did you try this or have a different way to rep yourself via Expo marker? Let me know bud!🤗

Jam of the Week #16: Effeminence

Effeminence by Shabazz Palaces off the most-trippiest 2017 release Quazarz vs. The Jealous Machines

This album is a so dang good, and Effeminence floats along with a mostly understandable and fully vibeable chant about life moving with us as we move. I know there’s more but I’m stopping here because I don’t want to read some suburban nerd’s (aka me when I was 15) translation of the lyrics on Rapgenius. I just want to stay on this cloud. COME HANG OUT ON THIS CLOUD YALL!

Oh and feel free to vibe your way into the next song. Shit’s incredible! And if you want to really dork-out (or haven’t yet) think about how Palaceer Lazaro (1/2 of Shabazz) used to go by Butterfly, founder of Digable Planets. Fuck!

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Jam of the Week #13: Gang Nativity

Super excited for the first extra-special guest edition of the Jam of the Week, chosen by my most hype, ultra-inspiring, and forever dope friend Christian!

Full disclosure – she chose my group’s song Gang Nativity, from our release on Hit+Run earlier this year 😊

The great Motëm once asked me if I was Grand Cooley. In that moment I realized that, without even noticing it, I had become a part of the most unfuckwithable crew!

I’m incredibly grateful to have such a strong, supportive community of people who are so full of love and positivity. Gang Nativity has served as a continual reminder of this from two of my all time favs and is one of my ultimate hype jams for this week and on! – Christian

🧡Dang thanks Christian! You’re why the gang is unfuckwithable! 💙

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Jam of the Week #9: Use Ya Mnd (Twentyfourseven)

Less literal than other Jam of the Week selections (no diss McFadden & Whitehead!), this track is here for what it does

Use Ya Mnd by Mndsgn off his 2016 Body Wash LP

I put it every time I enter my studio, and let it play while I get organized and start feeling what I’m about to get into. By the time it’s over I’m usually ready to start a project, that or I lift the needle keep the song on repeat until I am. Somehow it’s become an anthem of entering my art.

It’s also an inspiring track on the level of what Mndsgn did and continues to do musically. He went from experimental, tripped-out beat maker to so much more on this record, creating songs that are harder to explain than to vibe to. Still beats, but laid down smooth enough to go unnoticed in the most complimentary way… less rap banger, more soul vibes.  The lyrics stay ultra-positive, often-literal, and forever real.

Try jamming Use Ya Mnd while getting ready make something cool, and lemme know if it works for you like it does for me in Xanadu ⬇⬇

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Jam(s) of the Week #7: gospel mix for Colin

I’ve owed my friend Colin this mix for a couple years. Way back I put a few of these tracks on a tape and shared it around. Kinda recently (past couple years) he asked for another copy. I’m not really sure where the OG tape went so I finally put down a proper mix for my dude.

Listen on Mixcloud / Download link

Nothing fancy, just letting these beautiful tracks speak for themselves. All vinyl. All thrifted. Most from one magic night at the Goodwill super store off MLK in Portland back in 2003.

I’m not traditionally religious. At the Church of Hype love is everything and we lounge for the light. Thanks to these musicians for pouring their hearts into these songs.

Teddy Grover & Joy – We Need Love on I Am Determined (Greentree)
Serenity – Serenity on …Like It Is! (Deep Roots)
The East St. Louis Gospelettes – Have Mercy On Me on Love Is The Key (Birthright)
Voices of Watts – Changed My Way on God Is What You Need (Birthright)
Myrna Summers and the Myrna Summers Singers – Tell Me on self-titled (Savoy)
Rev. Milton Brunson And The Thompson Community Singers ‎- Fill My Cup on Give Me A Clean Heart (Scepter)
Arvis Strickling Jones – All The Way on “LIVE” in Concert (Sound of Gospel / Secret)
Donell Hickman and The San Francisco Inspirational Choir – Keep A Light In My Window on Live! (Unity)

“All religion can be distilled down to the search for answers to the following questions: Is this all there is? Is this all I am?” – Patrick Rhone

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