Writing hype // Notion nerd-out

Thought it could be fun to share a quick vid of my Notion board and talk about how it’s been helping my creative process.

Notion is a free notetaking app I just learned about thanks to my friend Alex. I can log in anytime and let my creativity fly. If I’m up for it, I’ll open a new page and write something new. More commonly, I’ll work on an idea that’s already there. One I added days or weeks ago.

Part of diving into Notion was admitting what I was doing wasn’t working. I wasn’t creating the art I supposedly love. This is a hard realization for creatives. OK, I love to write, did I spend more than 3 hours writing this week… or this month???

This method forced me to set my ego aside and learn something new. Such a creativity opener! I watched a bunch of YouTube videos and eventually learned a ton from this one (thx hermione!).

Their vid got me started, and a few more hours and a couple of free templates later, I was posting my ideas and writing, all inside Notion. When things are done I copy/paste them here or wherever else they’re headed.

Maybe this can work for the creative work you do too? Or maybe you have a different method that works best for you. Either way, I’d love to hear about it. And holler if you have any questions about using Notion. I’m happy to share what I’ve learned so far.

creW🤓 🧡