What’s the use?

Chatting with a friend yesterday about the really cool art he makes.

Every time I see him he has new styles he’s excited to show me, but yesterday he changed up our usual chat to let me know about a stagnation that set in.

He had a negative experience around someone judging his art and couldn’t help but fixate on it. Apparently someone was questioning him selling his art for such and such price and for such and such holiday… basically putting a bunch of wack questions in his head.

I’m sure we’ve all been here, someone’s questioned our work, and it’s hard to come back around. He even confronted the person at another event, apologized for any misunderstanding and hoped to smooth things out.

He was met with a mega backlash of negative vibes which ended up being kind of eye-opening. It discredited the person’s critical hold and opinion on his art.

He was able to get back in his creative zone and will have a new batch of trippy new work next week.

What’s the use of giving someone like this power? It’s hard not to – when judged or called out unexpectedly – but what is gained from them taking away from our creative process and ability to make work?

If truly concerned critique was important, a different approach was needed to get that across – clearly a missed opportunity here on the part of the critic who felt the need to speak out.

For my friend – he faced the big question of why he creates the work, and I’m really happy to say he was able to find an answer in himself though this challenge and come out way more unfuckwithable on the other side.

Another nod to doing you and -10 points for the haters out there!

crew 🧡💙