What now?

Was gonna write and decided to post something on Twitter first. Now wondering about an active shooter in Boulder and if my fam’s OK. How do we handle all this stuff and keep going?

I’m not in that store, or in the millions of other spaces that could be dangerous right now. I’m fortunate in so many ways and try to acknowledge this in action.

“If I can, I must.” Dr. Grace Dammann – States of Grace

Today I can make music, write, connect with friends and fam, support artists and important organizations, and work to share documentary films with messages I believe in.

In 2014 I rapped, “Awake a bit of strange to make your artery strong. No I’m not Mother T but I do care to drop bombs.” The Full Magical Wand

I wanted to recognize my imperfections and limitations while putting weight and value behind my actions, amidst the forever search for ways to keep going when stuff feels and is monumentally tuff, whether right there in front of us or through the safety of a screen.

Looking for that inner-OK and being content without its presence. Taking the small steps to rep how we can.


Originally drafted March 22, 2021