What are some things you do to amplify hype?

Here are some things coming to mind for me – what about you? Email me if you want to share – I’d love to hear.

Do stuff you love with peeps you love and are inspired by. Be transparent in a way these great folks in your life can see wack attitudes to or from you, and be ok with talking about it.

Bump your favorite album from 20 years ago loud and unapologetically. (Had to really dive in here when I realized I was blasting Intergalactic for the whole street outside my apartment in Portland)

Cook something, or go get some food you love. Treat yourself to a dope coffee or tea. 

Walk, run, or bike. Take a class you love (it’s just 1hr!) Move around a bit. 

Catch up with a bud. Tell them how awesome they are. Write to a friend or fam on whatever is handy. Paper, text, IG, email – don’t worry about it!

Remember the times you got cred from people you love for doing stuff you love. Let yourself sit with this. You earned it and it’s cool and ok and feeding your dopeness which ripples out. Maybe even write one down and post in a place it will bring you regular joy and inspo.