well that was amazing

Last night I had the honor to join my crew in a discussion (our FIRST on-the-record discussion) about inclusivity in our friend spaces.

Massive props to the brave women in our crew who started this convo.

Folks let me awkwardly fumble through a way-too-long Google Doc of notes about how this has been coming up for the people I spoke with before getting on the mic.

We leaned into discomfort as a team of Fun Pros who embody this behavior in pretty much all other aspects of life — so why not here too? As my wife Abigail so amazingly put it (paraphrasing), we get to create the type of community we really want, one we can thrive in, not one based on default norms, but one that fills our needs to shine.

So today I’m sharing love to my crew, your crew, all crews willing to take small steps towards making things feel better for everyone. It’s a forever practice, and I know this is just the beginning, but I’m just dang proud and hyped that my team’s on the path.