A few notes from Toshi Reagon’s QA after the Parable of the Sower Opera, Ann Arbor, MI on March 25th, 2022.

Toshi said to “Make people cross your line.” To get so right with your beliefs and actions that “They cannot test you.” She said you can do this “By showing you’re upset with this shit.”

She said to prove “You have already shown them you are down to survive in community.” And to “Make your outrage a superpower.”

She let us know we will need to “Be in community, even in ways we don’t like.” I think this was in relation to having this or that political bent (for example), but if the food runs out, you’re going to have to figure it out. Like how Laura does in the book and opera.

Toshi talked about Joy. She said “Letting light hit our eyes is our human contribution to the world.”

She said “Everything you know is a beautiful contribution to the future.”