Tip the scales

Growing up in my home and community art wasn’t devalued per se but it wasn’t really valued either – it just existed. It was something other people did because they had it in them. This magical force inside that I apparently didn’t have, totally negating the work people put in to get to the artistic level they’re at!

Even when it existed right in my face, it still just existed. My mom used to make (and still does create) some ridiculously amazing art and she humbly says “oh that’s been in the garage for years,” or “it was just a pattern…”

Feels like I’ve been trained to see art as second place and need to focus on tipping the scales. My folks encouraged and we’re cool with me buying turntables as a kid but it was never seen as a real job or anything more than a hobby.

I love daydreaming about making art/music – but more often my head clouds fill with work stuff that definitely doesn’t need as much deep thought. There’s that vibe that work stuff is more real and important. It’s somehow more valued even on a bike ride thinking about an old client’s website – when I could be daydreaming about future art and hyping up the soul.

It’s almost like these scales need to tip to value the time of practicing our craft to really dig into our passion. If the passion isn’t paying bills and money is needed, then we’ll need to work too of course, but it’s a new way I’m looking at this push and pull of making time to do more of what I love.