The hum

My friend Mark brought up the hum over breakfast the other day. He described it as that feeling you get when you know you’re not doing you 100%, but have to continue, or will continue for the time being while searching for something new.

He’s going to write some really cool stuff about this, and when he does I can’t wait to share it! Here are some thoughts I left our conversation with…

Avoiding the hum is key but you have to recognize it first,  which is essentially a version of being honest with yourself so you can feel it when it’s there… or maybe you’re so chill and comfy nothing is humming, if so, props!

Is the hum something you’re just supposed to deal with forever because discipline is a muscle and you have to work hard? Shouldn’t we shoot for a life where the only feeling are rad and the hum isn’t even a thought?

I think it’s a raw human spidey sense. Like even survival (at least emotionally). We can eat well if we work a ton and make good money, but the hum doesn’t care about that. In my personal experience it usually puts me in greater financial risk.

S/o to dodging the hum and working towards life that never feels like we’re being pulled this way or that, only doing what feels right and living ok in the process.

Much love to my friend Mark!