Sweating out the bullshit

I did a sweat the other night at my friend’s parents’ spot (who are totally the crew) and laid some heavy shit to rest, and it’s kinda working!

First the sweat! They made a fire early in the day and heated a bunch of volcanic rock found around Tucson. 3 or so rocks would go into the homemade mud sweat lodge along with up to 7 people.

You hang for about 10 minutes  and are invited to share stories about lost love ones or anything else you might want to bring up.

Along with the stories and reflection comes pouring water on the rocks, filling the dirt pit with steam so hot it almost feels like it could be a bad idea to breathe in.

Anyways I chucked some ill vibes into the steamy rocks, essentially putting a place marker on them, and like I said it’s working! I’m acknowledging those feelings as officially past tense, moving forward from here on out.

When this heaviness comes back into my mind (like all things do with decreased intensity over time), I’m able say ‘oh ya that, I left that in the past, at the sweat that one time. ✌🏽