Space, man

Yo if you want to feel humbled for a sec check out space! I just copped this paperback at my wife and I’s favorite thrift spot in Tucson.

Dude breaks down all the ways people looked at space (thru 88′) in a way that’s mostly understandable.

It’s facintating to learn about astronomers who were 100% sure they knew what was happening in our sky – only to be completely disproven, or in many cases, there ideas were built upon discovering the truth decades or centuries later!

Also that star you’re looking at might not be where it seems. Light can bend around objects like the sun, making stars appear in the sky far from where they actually are. #questioneverything

Marination Station

  • Space is massive and elusive and we are tiny.
  • What you see isn’t always what you see.
  • Absolute facts can and will later be disproven.

This context is helpful for me – hope you get something from it too.

Give me a shout if you’d like to borrow my copy of A Brief History of Time, I’m happy to send it you. 🚀

PS Writing this outside the local planetarium so you know how serious I am about space! You can tell it’s legit because they’re showing Dark Side and a crew of college kids are playing light-up frisbee to the sounds of a playlist featuring dubstep, country, & punk with bag pipes (back to back to back) in the grass behind me. All love, have fun kidos!