Rx to Relax

What are we doing if not taking a second, minute, or hopefully an hour or so to hook ourselves up on the daily? When is the last time you took a deep breath, held it a bit, and chilled? If you can’t remember – maybe now’s a good time to look away and breathe. 

How about the last time you laid down on your back with your feet flat on the ground, legs bent, put on some tunes or words, and just sat there. In a class yesterday with an ultimate badass bodyworker in Tucson we learned how important this is, and how it’s actually one of the best ways to hook up your lower back. She offered us a prescription to relax.

Is this weird? Would it be weird if your roomie or bud walked in and you explained you were lying on your back jamming a podcast for 20 minutes? Is it somehow less weird to watch TV for an hour and 20 minutes? Isn’t that completely fucked up???

Been loving doing these needed relaxation activities and calling out the backward norms in my life – hope it’s helpful for you too.