Resume help

I don’t think there’s much cooler than a friend asking for resume help! I get so happy when the people around me are working to improve.

Looking for jobs can be just about the loneliest and most depressing place there is, and simultaneously the most hype. Lean towards friends in this situation! We all want each other to kill it. We all have good ideas. Share your resume with the crew. Bounce ideas. It also lets people know you’re on the hunt and when they hear of stuff they’ll think of you. Same thing on the universe tip, where putting it out there and opening up to the change and opportunity will eventually lead you somewhere cool, man.

This doesn’t have to live in the resume type of job search either. Anything anyone is doing to improve, change, re-vamp and look up to all the cool stuff they could be doing can and should be shared! It doesn’t have to come off as a brag to land an awesome job!

The people around me (including myself) have continually sacrificed work life for art life and vice versa. Somewhere in this cycle is a trap that says if you’re doing more on one end you’re not doing enough or can’t do the other. Fuck that depressing shit! Kill it at your art. Get the jobs you want that pay you what you’re worth. Share these vibes with the peeps around you and we’ll all benefit from your radness! <3

Please don’t hesitate to holler if you want to hype up your new job mission. Email me