Recap: Church of Hype LIVE 1/26/20

Dang dang dang. MASSIVE thanks and only hype pranks to everyone who came out for the first Church of Hype Live! It was a complete honor to represent, share, and listen to everyone in the room.

Me cheesing before folks came by 🙂

For y’all that couldn’t make it – I wanted to share a couple of the main ideas we talked about.

Treat yourself

“Treating myself like a precious object will make me strong”

Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way

We all work hard and it’s dope! We don’t have to stress it. The best thing we can do is hook ourselves up! So I encouraged everyone to use all the pillows and get comfy. Stack up 3 yoga mats for extra cush. Somehow use 4 eye pillows!

I wanted folks to do whatever they needed to do to treat themselves. It comes back in all kinds of ways and is arguably a stronger way to motivate good vibes then over discipline and force.


2nd Best

– My friend Rachael’s new tattoo
We’re #2!

What do you do awesome but don’t allow yourself to rock or give yourself enough cred because you’re not the best? What are you 2nd best at and unapologetically love?

Some of the ideas shared on Sunday were cooking, landscaping, and grilled cheese sandwich making. For me, it’s biking (getting passed by lots o’ spandex on my rides) and jogging, which I love but have also bit it twice in the last year… definitely 2nd best there!

“Perfection is the enemy of good”

– Frances Causey

My mentor/boss/and creative hype-boosting friend Frances Causey lives by this. She calls out everything holding back the creative process and is a true queen at putting a stamp on something, calling it done, and moving forward!

What aren’t you doing because of perfection? When is that getting in the way of stuff you would just love to do? If I was worried about a perfect Church of Hype Live it definitely would have never happened!  What would you do if you didn’t have to do it perfectly or were’n’t afraid of how it would be seen?

Your time

Time doesn’t give a fuck

– David Goggins on IG doing pushups  

New Years? B-day? Saturday? It doesn’t matter – you can always make a fresh start and do you. It could be a random deep breath and often is something really big that happens in life we can’t plan for anyways. 

It could be a friend’s visit, a hike, a bike ride… create your own moment. Create your own hype holiday, and don’t worry about what the calendar is telling you should be a pivotal date.

“New year same you”

– The hype witches at the School of Life Design

This was relating to my wife and me a bunch lately. Maybe we’re all good? New things are popping for 2020 and it feels like we’re on the right track. This is more hype for choosing your day. Maybe it’s today, maybe its next month – could be it’s marked by something dope in your life and not something rando like New Year’s.

Goal is this releases the pressure of time and gives you the ability to rep whenever. Maybe stuff is just cool. Or even kind of hard, and that’s quite OK too!

From here we did a bit of intention setting around these concepts – just sitting or laying down, listening to some chill music looping, and planting seeds.

I can’t thank everyone who came or supported from afar enough, and I’m excited to build on this, continue learning from y’alls feedback, and work towards a stronger COH live for Spring.