Prepping for what’s ahead

Dreaming about a cool future sitch where I get to see a good friend I haven’t seen in too long, meet his young kid, and spend more time with his dope partner. Thinking of awesome this will be, and realizing the best way to get ready is be me right now.

The better I do right now at living right – the way I know I can – physically, mentally, hype-spiritually – the more prepared and better space I’ll be in when I visit. I have to kill it now to be my best self there/then.

If my time before this is ill-willed or negatively spent in some way I wouldn’t show up feeling as awesome. I’d be coming off a bunch of crap and bringing it to him and his family.

We’ve all been there – had a wack argument or drama-type-situation and brought that helpless anger directly to the next situation. Or been a bit down and out and realizing you don’t want to see friends or fam right now. It’s totally true that friends and fam are probably the best support in these times – and I’m all about reaching out for it! But I can also make moves to focus on dialing my shit and just being with them.  

It’s kind of a nice double-up – you get to rep for the friends/fam you’re about to see and be motivated to supercharge your life today.  

Gonna do my best to live this! Maybe it will work for you too 🧡💙