People’s Prayer Library

So excited to share the launch of my friend Greg’s new project People’s Prayer Library!! “Music for prayer, meditation, and body / mind relaxation created by a community of musicians and artists.”

Hours of beautiful trippy sounds and Greg’s exceptional visuals uploaded to YouTube for all the times they might feel good. Meditations, focussing on work/creativity, environment/room hype-ups, bedtime head-clearers, online yoga class soundtracks… I like to right-click and loop on YouTube to let the vibe settle in for hours.

So far this one is one of my favs.

I’ve entered the cave

And I’m grateful to be included with a track and Greg’s artwork as well!

Fully accintentional

These vibes are EXACTLY what I need right now to tap into how I’m feeling, shake off weird energies, uplift my focus, and feel the dope vibes of friends being creative.

So highly encouraged to peep and share People’s Prayer Libary on YouTube if you dig <3

Thank you Greg! Rad example of the power of CREWVIBES🧡💙