Paying attention ♻️

The other day I woke up to a surprise text from a friend that sent my mind going all sorts of ways.

I usually try not to look at my phone before being awake for at least a couple of hours. Too many times I go for a quick check and get pulled into work or news my brain def didn’t need to see yet. I use a cheap trippy-light alarm clock and get up hours before needing to start work, so my phone can stay hidden away charging until I’m open for biz.

But this day I wanted to check the weather to see if it was a good morning to make a fire.

The text was my friend asking if he could hire me as a hype/job coach. They wanted help building a resume, recognizing strengths, and talking through next steps re: power moves.

I love doing all this stuff for friends so the answer is abso yes! But I sat with it. I took it with me to my Morning Pages, then to a quick 15-min sit, and then to my morning 1-hour of writing.

It got me thinking about being open to our paths, to the signals that pop up on it, to paying attention. I started writing and realized I was basically writing an update to this post from January 5th, 2020.

In that post, alongside some siiick Gravediggaz art I made inserting myself and LUG on their 6 Feet Deep album cover, I shared a couple of quotes about paying attention, and what was coming up for me in life that felt important to pay attention to at the time.

Follow your heart and pay attention.

My Buddha-Mom Susan

Looking at what’s happening in this moment as a window to see our path, and recognizing the truth in our heart. This type of clarity comes and goes, so when we feel it it’s important to trust fully and maybe even write it down somewhere.

So often things feel more abstract and the inner-hater/voice of doubt creeps in letting you know you should probably just stay the same forever. Here we can go back to that time when we saw the truth.

Maybe writing a list will help? Here’s my list of things I’m currently paying attention to.

  • My dog LUG (currently asleep in front of the fire)
  • Text from my friend about hype/job coaching
  • PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS all day, every day (and the inspo they’re bringing to music I’m working on)
  • The Listening Path by Julia Cameron – so far reads like a rehash on The Artist’s Way with a deeper dive into paying attention (down!)
  • What It Is by Lynda Barry – ridiculously cool book, full of inspo for looking at the world more creatively and openly (you will probably get this in the mail from my wife and me someday)
  • Re-organizing my schedule to give more dedicated space to creative work and owning it by saying no to working during these times

Pay attention to what you pay attention to.

Amy Krouse Rosenthal

A year ago my list was all music and audiobooks – I think I was looking at what I was consuming. This time around it was fun to recognize what I’m paying attention to overall.

What are y’all paying attention to? Is it telling you anything about your path?

creWlove 🧡💙