Pause 4 the cause

*This is a barely tested idea as I’m just now trying it out.

I’m lingering as much as possible before jumping into work. Sipping some tea. Taking some deep breaths. Burning some incense. Playing some tunes. And I’m not looking at it as procrastinating… it’s taking a minute to be me fully before jumping into work I’m lucky enough to love doing, but still do in place of making weird beats or writing hype paragraphs all day long.

I’m here, at the computer, and all that I need to do is open that Gmail tab to completely sway my day in the worky way. Something about this pre-space is really special and acknowledging of the self. It could be equally if not more important to do before jumping into creative work too. Most things, I’d guess, would benefit from a check-in and self-righteous reminder of things we love.