My crew and label Hit+Run put out this comp last week. I’m blown away and honored Tom and I are included… but absolutely fucking floored by the words Brandy shared for why he put this out. So needed right now and pulled me out from beneath all this confusion and pain… I hope they can do the same for you – infinity.

Words from Brandy – Miyagi, Hit+Run:

Checking in with everyone to make sure YOU are doing as good as can be during these challenging times.  Being isolated for so long is proof to how much we need each other in our lives.  Hopefully you’re remaining focused, courageous and optimistic, finding clarity, spending quality time with loved ones, appreciating the slowness, catching up on personal projects, watching new & favorite movies/tv, listening to records, reading books, appreciating nature, exercising, staying active, eating right & harmonizing with your inner being.  Make sure to remind your lovely self to remain confident that we’re gonna get through this unprecedented moment in time very very soon.  We’re all rising to this occasion together and with a deeper understanding of ourselves (Who am I?), that to which we desire (What do I want in life?) and what we are truly blessed to possess (loving family, joyful friends, devoted pets, healthy bodies, unique talents, special abilities plus earthly luxuries) will emerge as stronger individuals of a new global community. 

Isolated as many are, music remains an extraordinary way to escape the surrounding walls and find comfort in our personal audio dreamland.  We want to share another mode of imaginative departure, with a new musical compilation entitled (((VIBRATE HIGH))).  This 122-minute / 42-track compilation (!!!) includes both released & previously unreleased tracks from the ninety-five full-length albums, compilations, EPs and 7″ singles H+R has produced over the past eleven years, as well as sneak peeks at three more future classics we have planned for 2020. 

We love you all very much, plus appreciate your time & commitment to the arts.  Practicing art beautifies our planet, and human beings make the world an amazing and joyful place.  We wish you wisdom, patience, self-control & determination on our current committed individual & collective missions.  Be well, stay mindful, keep smiling and we hope to see all of you passionate souls very soon!


C R E W 🧡 R U N S 💙 D E E P