No Fear ™

“Imagined fears are worse than real ones.” – My bad ass friend Sarah’s husband Michael, at age 12, as remembered by his dad at their wedding.

Sarah just married the raddest human, guru-like being who kills it at life in a chiller way than maybe anyone I’ve ever met. They catered and hosted their own wedding (of more than 50 people), and all questions towards Michael were met with the perfect joke, putting you at ease while adding a casual message actually telling you how to help out.

I was talking to his dad a bit in the kitchen and he confirmed Michael’s always been a mega-chiller. He told us some stories including the above quote his son said over 20 years ago.

Alright so the quote is dope, but how bout a 12 year old with this perspective? You’re in 6th grade. Life is getting ‘real’ – or at least it feels like it cuz you have a locker now. You’re starting to realize what your mind is doing and what gets in the way of success.

Imagined fear. You probably see people around you freaking no reason. You feel pressure and realize (if you’re the future chillest adult in the world), it’s unnecessary and doesn’t matter.

Shoutout to my friend Sarah’s new husband Michael, his 12 year old chillness, and his dad for remembering this quote for over 20 years. I didn’t ask Michael about it because I already know he would respond humbly, joking about how he might have said something like that…

Chill count = 4 (chiller, mega-chiller, chillest, chillness)