Was chatting with my wife last night about what life was just 5 years ago. Not really focussing on what’s changed, but what a trip it is how incredibly different things are now. And how different they are from 6 months ago.

The trip is its impossible to be where we are without that time, and impossible for our now selfs to reach back and tell our past selfs to step it up, or do more of that! Literally only time and experience do this. We’re privileged to more of it every moment and it continues to gradually create change as slowly as a plant grows – until that morning you wake up and realize, damn this plant is huge! 

What I was tiring to relate this to last night and might be getting off track of now is an argument for living in the moment, intentionally or unintentionally – it’s really all we can do. Wouldn’t have been possible to jump from then to now, and I’m not sure I wouldn’t have wanted to. But I was pretty happy then, and feeling even happier now. Wishing you that same crescendo <3