The hype comes in infinite ways. It’s nonlinear and surprising. One day it’s hearing how amazing a friend is doing, the next receiving love for something you worked on, and the next a trip into nature. The list is limitless — helpful for me in times of feeling less hyped (totally OK btw) — knowing another batch of inspo is always around the corner.

Yesterday my hype was the fact that I’m walking around and breathing. The miracle that my body is doing all the things it needs to do for me to keep doing what I love. To move, communicate, exercise, create, work… it’s all such a privilege. So taking it wayyyy back to the og hype. The simple miracle of existing. Of living.

My neighbor and fellow neighborhood history committee member Miriam is having her 3rd eye surgery this week. Doctors just aren’t sure why she’s losing her vision. She was cracking jokes about trying to get on Zoom for our first little meeting, laughing about using Siri, and openly hopeful this surgery goes well and she can continue to see.

Not to take a thing away from what she’s going through, but there’s a limitless supply of stories similar to Miriam’s. Just now realizing the idea to write this came up a couple of days after the recent shooting in Boulder.

We all know life is so f’n fragile. To get to exist, to breathe, is sometimes all I need to feel grateful and happy. In re-reading this it’s working right now. Hope it works for you too.