Listen and preserve

2 of the coolest things you can find digging for records are a couple of inner sleeves from A&M records. One reads ‘Listen To Your World’ in huge white letters on a black sleeve, with a tiny ‘on A&M records & tapes’ in the corner. The other ‘Preserve the Sound Outside’ in a thin and very 70’s font under a photo of a mountain by Ansel Adams. A big beautiful hunk of rock being called sound. 

Lee Scratch Perry said his ear for music came from a job he had driving a bulldozer and busting up the earth. The sound of rock crashing and cracking eventually inspired shifts in reggae and really all music to follow.

When your listening to YOUR world, you’re not judging it or yourself. When we deeply listen to our world we can’t hear anything in our head. We’re too busy experiencing life.

When you’re crushing it down a hill on your bike thoughts about inadequacy at work don’t show up. You’re in it. So maybe the goal is staying here when doing our ‘regular’ stuff – which can hopefully turn out to be less-regular if we listen hard enough. That or our definition of regular can change, and we can value experiences with subtle hype we might not have noticed before. 

Preserving the sound outside’ – is honoring this beautiful space of connection and discovery with everyone and everything around us. We preserve life by living, not by putting it up on a shelf as a collector’s item for enjoying later or thinking it’s out of reach for us. Life is just sitting there waiting to be lived and heard. 

How dope would it be to be able to see this in lonely or rough times – and be able to step outside and know it’s still there, the same world we felt in times of greatness – still chilling and waiting for us to rep.

Nature doesn’t care what happened or ‘should’ happen. Feeling the true lack of control we have on this (even pre climate change if there is such a thing) and comparing that to the real lack of control we have over the world we’re listening to. Impermanence shaking us to the core. Just when we thought things couldn’t be more solid, they are, but it’s that solidity is in reality change.