I just re-found some notes I took while reading something from Noam Chomsky a couple years ago. I put them on a mini clipboard on my desk and have been flipping through and staring at random pages. Right now I’m stuck on the idea of unconsciously-self-imposed limits.

We set limits on our lives without even knowing we’re doing it. We might feel 100% free but are actually putting ourselves in a box, even if its a really huge box. This way we can feel good about where we are, what we’re doing, and most importantly who we are.

It’s scary to think about life on a wider scale. It puts us on the level with everything else in the world (human, animal, inadement object?). It forces us to really look and say I could be anything. Life is good, but I could also be D’angelo’s best friend. I don’t like to think that I’m currently failing at being D’angelo’s best friend, but it feels good to view life as infinitely possible.

Amy Goodman gets it. I was able to see her speak at a bookstore in Phoenix a couple years ago. It was really fun and she had lots of jokes – all while doing an incredible job getting the audience to focus on important issues. She is effective locally (in-person), globally (on TV and radio), and is always down to travel further and go deeper into something completely new and potentially dangerous.

Even being remotely open to the concept that we limit ourselves without thinking about it creates a more shared perspective and improves our lives and everyone (everything?) we share them with – people we know and people we effect without ever meeting.