Kool-Aid & Gas

When I was a kid I remember wanting to make Kool-Aid with a friend. For some reason the best idea was to use a big red funnel from the garage for pouring the water in the pitcher. No idea why this part needed a tool and we couldn’t just get the water direct from the sink?

Thanks to all of the immunity boosters in Kool-Aid with tons of sugar we didn’t get sick and now whenever I think of funnels this comes up. 

During the morning pages this morning I thought about life as a big red funnel towards an unknown. A mixture of our experiences heading toward what we’re supposed to do.

Stuff keeps being added as we slosh around and keep making our way towards the end, only for more experiences to get tossed in and mixed up with everything else. We begin again heading down the funnel with a new batch of life to draw from. 

All of our experiences – good or bad – are practice for next steps. It’s up to us to tap into them and inspire growth.