I met a guy named Kit at the co-op yesterday. Wouldn’t have met him if I wasn’t listening to the audiobook for Peace is Every Step by Thit Nhat Hanh. Wouldn’t have started that if it wasn’t recommended by Patrick Rhone in this awesome read

Reading this stuff has hyped me to stay more present, and specifically to eat food without a phone or computer in my face. Just chilling and eating. It feels really weird at first, like if you’re trying to quit drinking while hanging out on the patio at a familiar bar.

So Kit and I were sitting next to each other staring at 4th Ave. We watched a skateboarder cruise past dipping down 4th. He told me the point of life is to find something you like doing as soon as you can, something that brings you joy, and do it as much as you can. He said do YOU, not what you’re told or expected to do.

He repped this knowledge is the most chillest of ways. Having tamales and a kombucha, and talking about joy. Happy I stared at the world instead of my phone for this meal. 🤙