Jam of Week #18: New Edition Karaoke

New Edition Karaoke by Count Bass D off the 2005 LP BEGBORROWSTEEL

This track reps the Church of Hype vibe to the fullest. It came into life when the whole idea of this lifestyle presented itself to our crew, and it’s hype, weird, and ultra-upbeat on the borderline too positive tip.

Its the type of song we DJ and the crew goes off while the rest of the world either stares a little intrigued and weirded-out – ‘what are these hype vibes I’m feeling’ – or dives into the fun.

It brings me back to a couple magical times in life. Driving through a snowstorm to see Count and Tableek in Salt Lake City back in 2006. And Count performing at the crew venue Think Tank in Tucson. He shouted out my wife and I by name during a song and we lost our shit (permanently, luckily).

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100% ❤