Jam of the Week #9: Use Ya Mnd (Twentyfourseven)

Less literal than other Jam of the Week selections (no diss McFadden & Whitehead!), this track is here for what it does

Use Ya Mnd by Mndsgn off his 2016 Body Wash LP

I put it every time I enter my studio, and let it play while I get organized and start feeling what I’m about to get into. By the time it’s over I’m usually ready to start a project, that or I lift the needle keep the song on repeat until I am. Somehow it’s become an anthem of entering my art.

It’s also an inspiring track on the level of what Mndsgn did and continues to do musically. He went from experimental, tripped-out beat maker to so much more on this record, creating songs that are harder to explain than to vibe to. Still beats, but laid down smooth enough to go unnoticed in the most complimentary way… less rap banger, more soul vibes.  The lyrics stay ultra-positive, often-literal, and forever real.

Try jamming Use Ya Mnd while getting ready make something cool, and lemme know if it works for you like it does for me in Xanadu ⬇⬇

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