Jam(s) of the Week #7: gospel mix for Colin

I’ve owed my friend Colin this mix for a couple years. Way back I put a few of these tracks on a tape and shared it around. Kinda recently (past couple years) he asked for another copy. I’m not really sure where the OG tape went so I finally put down a proper mix for my dude.

Listen on Mixcloud / Download link

Nothing fancy, just letting these beautiful tracks speak for themselves. All vinyl. All thrifted. Most from one magic night at the Goodwill super store off MLK in Portland back in 2003.

I’m not traditionally religious. At the Church of Hype love is everything and we lounge for the light. Thanks to these musicians for pouring their hearts into these songs.

Teddy Grover & Joy – We Need Love on I Am Determined (Greentree)
Serenity – Serenity on …Like It Is! (Deep Roots)
The East St. Louis Gospelettes – Have Mercy On Me on Love Is The Key (Birthright)
Voices of Watts – Changed My Way on God Is What You Need (Birthright)
Myrna Summers and the Myrna Summers Singers – Tell Me on self-titled (Savoy)
Rev. Milton Brunson And The Thompson Community Singers ‎- Fill My Cup on Give Me A Clean Heart (Scepter)
Arvis Strickling Jones – All The Way on “LIVE” in Concert (Sound of Gospel / Secret)
Donell Hickman and The San Francisco Inspirational Choir – Keep A Light In My Window on Live! (Unity)

“All religion can be distilled down to the search for answers to the following questions: Is this all there is? Is this all I am?” – Patrick Rhone

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