Jam of the Week #6: It’s Your World

The 6th Jam of the Week is probably the most verbatim, spot-on Church of Hype anthem we got gang.

We should do a parade with it on repeat, or have a kind of positive zenned-out hour-long listen at a crew up sometime and see how soon we all take the fuck over afterwords 🌝

Talking about Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson’s It’s Your World from the 1976 album by the same name.

I send this track to people on their bday (what up Dad!) or if I just want them to feel awesome, and it turned into a bit of a soundtrack for a dear friend I used to help navigate the city of Portland, OR on daily adventures.

My history with the song goes back to around 2003 when my dude Underfed hit me up and basically said get over here now!

Apparently a roommate had done a bad job roommating and skipped town. His friend took it as an invite to sell his stuff including a couple nice crates of rap, reggae, and some sparse jazz and funk, which I bought in a parking lot from the trunk of a car (life goals ✔️)!

I still wonder if dude was ok with letting the wax go but it’s most definitely found it’s way into lots of ears and now is the reason it’s landing here today. Thank you mystery DJ 🙏🏼

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*And since this song isn’t on Spotify (💻🔥) I’m starting a YouTube playlist with all the jams of all the weeks you can check out right here ✌🏽