Jam of the Week #22: It Didn’t Have 2 End This Way

Dâm-Funk’s It Didn’t Have 2 End This Way off his 2015 LP Invite The Light

It’s a bit of a stretch for the Jam of the Week in some ways… beautifully somber. I wondered why I woke up with this track in my head and how it was hyping me up on a Saturday morning. I started thinking about Dâm-Funk’s uplifting vibe, and how he might interpret the track.

It Didn’t Have 2 End This Way is hype, here’s how: it gives you the chance to make something awesome out of something that didn’t finish right. Taken in that way, I’m thinking about this track for future situations too, realizing the end isn’t always the end, and never has to be. Doing what you feel you need to do to make things feel right.


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