Jam of the Week #17: Celebrate + Finale

It’s New Years Day, 2018. So many feels around this, but trying to learn towards celebrating the future. On that note, prepare to fall in love with this incredible track!

Celebrate + Finale off the Lifesavas 2007 LP Gutterfly.

I played the shit out of this record when it dropped. Remember making a tape of it and listening to it while driving cross country in 2008. We lived in Portland at the time (home to Lifesavas) and these dudes were just a few friends of friends and nervous corner store sitings away from crew.

It honestly still blows me away how incredible Vursatyl and Jumbo are as rappers, on beats, and in ability to fill tracks with an honest love for hip-hop. Combo’d with Rev Shines’ crates and ear – super group status in my opinion.

One time my friend Shawnboy Valvoline made a vector of Vursatyl’s face and I made a sweatshirt out of it at GenEx. I posted it on Vurs’ Facebook, he was hyped, probably a little weirded out, and I forever introduced myself as the sweatshirt dude. We’re definitely best friends.

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Oh, kill it this year gang!

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