Jam of the Week #15: Much

Busdriver’s been a massive inspo for me (and the crew) since the early 2000’s. I first read about him in either Life Sucks Die or Wax Po, or maybe that old uk rap zine Big Daddy. Pretty sure I was intro’d to Edan in the same issue… s/o reading!

He’s always done whatever he wanted (official fun pro / church of hype mission)! I used to love Busdriver because he was different. Now I think about it more along the lines of the change and vibe he’s pushed for over 20 years, and how fucking incredible his legacy really is.

That’s why Much from his 2015 album Thumbs is the 15th Jam of the Week! It’s a feel-good song, it’s weird, it’s hella creative and coded, and it comes from decades of experience in music and in life – totally showing his growth and comfort as an OG.

I read an interview lately (hip-hop nerd glasses, on!) where he was talking about having more fun as of late. He talked about smoking weed more, where he didn’t used to party as much because everyone was doing it. Now he’s sliding in super comfy and imo is able to share a pretty rad perspective on life in general having not been smoking solid for like 30 years (no diss!). Maybe just a different take.

Ending it on that dork out^. Thanks for the forever catalog of music Busdriver!

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