Jam of the Week #14: Blah Blah Cafe

So hyped for the first instrumental Jam of the Week! Jean-Michel Jarre’s Blah Blah Cafe from his 1984 album Zoolook

^incredible fan vid!

I always considered this the most futuristic rap beat never intended to be a rap beat (tho 1984 could mean he was being influenced by rap). It’s almost too hype! My crew and I tried to sample it so many times and couldn’t ever do it justice. Pretty sure eventually Paul White will crush it.

It became the anthem of a house I lived in with the crew! All of us kept scoring the vinyl at Goodwill and playing it out all over town.

Hope this reminds you to bump some Jean! Oh and here’s a really rad talk he and Laurie Anderson gave at Red Bull. He talks about mono being the truth, and they touch on how being truly you is the only way your art can successfully exist! It’s rad. I listened to it on the train to NYC and instantly exploded a notebook with the hypest barely-legible scribbles.

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Shoutout to Crescendo. HPR. And partial shoutout to Chap Ma.