Inner-bully ignore-bore

There’s no time to worry if we stay cruising into our dopeness, and luckily we all have countless examples of existing in this space free from self-doubt. Only when we’re questioning ourselves and our path do we have time to critique our work and situations, worrying about a tiny flaw most people probably never noticed.

Why would we bring down our vibe by focussing on an impossible and limiting level of perfection? Why add judgment to whatever we’re creating or doing, instead of letting the world experience it?

Sometimes we can’t help but feel low and these judgemental feelings come fast and easy. A big part of the practice is learning what works for us to turn them around, and being OK with feeling less hype for a bit, which can in and of itself naturally encourage a u-turn.

It’s like ignoring a bully. I call mine the inner-hater.

Alright inner-hater, I’m not feeling all hyped to write, rap, work, hang with crew… got it. Acknowledging this and breathing, sitting, or walking with it can help us get a bit of space and perspective.

Just like in middle school, when we ignore or accept what a bully is doing, the inner-hater gets bored and moves on. Leaving us to get back to doing the awesome stuff we’re here to do!

The balance for me is:

  • YES to always learning from the past and improving
  • NO to overthinking the past in ways that limit what I’m able to do right now
  • (and) INFINITY HELLLLS YEAH FOREVER 🎉 to knowing it all comes in waves

This helps me feel less shocked when the inner-hater shows up, and possibly even OK with it. Knowing it arrives and gets bored as part of this cycle of waves, and lurking behind could be a heavy dose of hype.