$-ing @ttention

I try my best to live by these words

Follow your heart & pay attention

My buddha-hype-mother, elder, mentor (and all the other words I think ‘my wife’s godmother’ doesn’t do justice) gave me this advice when I was jumping into full-time freelance work. Wise words to make the most of opportunities that come up and trust in the times when they might not be so easy to grab.

Today I read this one

Pay attention to what you pay attention to

Found it thanks to nerding out on my guy Patrick Rhone, who posted about Austin Kleon, who shared that quote from Amy Krouse Rosenthal in this interview.

It’s something I’m thinking about a lot these days and ties into the post I wrote about identity a while back.

This weekend my headphones and car stereo featured:

  • hype-up podcasts from David Kadavy and James Altucher
  • audiobooks like A People’s History of the United Staes and 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do
  • selections from KMHD’s top jazz of 2019
  • the first Gravediggaz record

Looking at what I’m paying attention to, it makes sense that lots of my motivation and creative time is being directed at writing. It’s fun rolling with this change and using stuff I’ve always loved (like blasting Gravediggaz) to fuel the way I’m creating right now.

What are you up to? What have you been up to? How is that helping stuff you’re excited about? Have you thought of diving into stuff you used to love and probably still do to drive things you’re doing now?