Floored by the hype yesterday y’all.

Had 4 ridiculously inspiring and surprising-in-the-best-way messages over email and Discord from crew focussing on health, crushing creative moves, building community, and being inspired by books like Gucci Mane’s autobiography (haven’t read, will peep!)

These legit fueled me all day gang. THANK YOU!

Top this off with some other shit I abso love:

  • Friend lets you know they bought the book they asked you about
  • Friend receives the book you mailed them
  • Friends flood crew chat with new tunes to hear

I sat there blown away at the end of the day. So happy. Without thinking I started DJing and had a blast playing some PUTS and DOOM tracks – settling on bumping the first PUTS record The Next Step for dinner while nook-dancing and reading a bit more about the group.

So grateful to be down with friends that reach out like this. I hope they know it—and I hope this re-reminds you what it feels like to be on the receiving end (aka please share your greatness!)

Thanks for inspiring me to stay on the hype path. Know everything y’all do ripples out. It challenges us all to honor whats possible in ourselves.