Inevitable tuff stuff

Went for a new moon night hike last night! I don’t really know a lot about moon cycles so I didn’t realize that meant dark af until I used the :new_moon: emoji on Slack at work… Basically, the lack of moonlight lets you see brighter and more dynamic stars (this, you might already know).

Talking with my friend about life as you do when you get cooking on the trail, he dropped some cool insight I hoped to remember and write about.

We were talking about the idea of people who tend to dive into drama or stay in negative (sometimes hateful) spaces. As my friend put it, you’re probably going to run into something that’s hard to deal with every couple months, so why go looking for it?

This is not to say hard work doesn’t need to get done and life should be a fluffy cloud with endless coffees. Just that we can probably check ourselves when we’re entering into a self-induced stress-mess and realize that we might as well have some fun and save that energy for the inevitable tuff stuff.