if i really don’t front i _____.

got our jam board on yet again at DREAMS last night. while it was kind of a slower feeling show, it felt really wholesome too. like we connected in a nice way. a small group of people “seeing” each other online. thinking about each other. eventually pretending we were hanging at a bonfire to close it out <3 (thanks paige!)

the goal for the convo was to think deeply about what it means to do us. if i really don’t front means i’m honestly being me. and while in the past this has looked like coming up with a million fun and inspirational reasons to make art for me, i wanted us to realize part of this is being ok feeling feelings that might be less fun too.

we talked about being ok with not being ok and how some of these feelings of being bummed out are so so justifiable. like this hard thing happened to you, how could you not be feeling a bit rattled from it? wouldn’t it be strange if you didn’t feel phased at a lil bit?

part of this is looking at how society asks us to put up fronts and saying f that. i’m gonna feel this or that way and that’s ok. i’m gonna do what I need to do for me, unapologetic that it may not feed the capitalist machine so well.

i’m proud of this crew for sharing so much and leaving us with such a dope list of ways we might really not front. i hope this can be something we look at from time to time when we need a reminder to keep going.