I’d rather be a hypocrite than the same person forever

My brother’s been asking me to watch the new Beasties doc on AppleTV just about every time we talk. So grateful he stayed on me to watch it – it’s ridiculously good and worth it even if I forget to cancel my AppleTV free trial. Thanks bro!

We’re both super fans and loved the book. This doc – that’s more of a live stage show – goes a bit deeper in terms of who they became during Licensed to Ill and how off that was from who they wanted to be.

The super jams from that record were created as complete jokes, but became real to the fans and later the Beasties.

Ad-Rock and Mike D talked about disowning this material and having to work from scratch, playing smaller shows to build their following into folks they were actually proud to rep for, leading them to eventually even bigger shows than their early 80’s tour and MTV takeover.

Mike D goes off-script at one point to give props to Ad-Rock for his response to an interviewer later in life, way post Girls and Fight for Your Right

I’d rather be a hypocrite than the same person forever.

Might not be Ad-Rock status but I’ve been here. I am here. I know we probably all are to some extent. I’ve written wack, homophobic, misogynistic rhymes and have old freestyle tapes I can hardly listen to. I’ve completely dissed myself/those around me moving with blinders, and lacking intention.

Luckily forever-change is the only constant and we can start and restart living with our true hype integrity every second. We can surprise folks by being different. We’re never stuck with a viewpoint. It’s always ok and actually super brave to come with a new perspective.

Bart Taylor eventually joins the Rad team y’all.

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