I love when the world calls me out!

Or as my wife put it – “No need to put your assumptions around on people!”

Today started out rad. Woke up feeling great with all my favorite people and animals.  Chilled listening to Laraaji’s Sun Zither doing yoga and staring at clouds (cuz I Do Whatever I Want).

Then my attitude got off track… Had a flat tire I needed to fix before starting my bike messenger gig, and went through a tube I just bought yesterday and couldn’t repair.

For whatever lame-ass reason this stuff put me in a less-cool mood (lame-ass = less-cool). Anyways I took off for my first order and thought I’d shake the weird vibes by riding.

Picked up the food and brought it to a sorta bouchie college-kido apartment downtown Tucson, where I noticed someone running on a treadmill in the window. My current lameness questioned why he wasn’t outside, it was so nice out! Go walk outside bro!

Oh… He was the one who ordered the food and was just exercising while waiting for me to show up. Dude was super nice and added a solid tip.

I biked away happy and laughing, thanking the world for calling me out on being a huge dick! Rest of the day is looking up ↗↗