Hyped ⚡️🚀

Feeling like Ice T’s Twitter right now gang. Scored a rad new job and I swear I did it with positive feels, crew, and not letting the world claim defeat.

Positive feels: So today I refocussed how I interact with my old job and said own this shit. Be a true fun pro. Do this work and stay happy and motivated. Halfway through the shift, email about the new job!

Crew: Spent the day with two of the most bad ass people I know, my wife and a mega-tight-bud.  Earlier in the day my friend gave me some cool direction. She is working so hard to do cool shit and move past the bull it’s inspiring and totally rubbed off. Later in the day my wife supported me through the transition of how to move from one job to the next and helped me step back and look at what’s most important.

Not letting the world claim defeat: I had some good interviews for the new job, but the last one felt so-so. The next day I figured they’d ghost me because I came off kinda bland. I was down for a sec, took a bike ride, came back home and wrote a heavy email to the 3 people I interviewed with at the company. My title had a rocket ship and a lightning bolt emoji. I went off. Told them why I was the shit, and even why I didn’t come off like myselft in the last video-interview. Either I was gonna look crazy or prove that I could kill it. So far it feels like the latter or maybe a good combo of both 🤘🏽