How to eat a frog

Watching this great blue heron take so much time to score a snack from the reeds. Thinking it’s probably eating frogs since my wife and I saw a green heron figure out how to eat one as big it itself last weekend around the same spot.

This dinosaur of a bird is completely focussed and fully free from any rush and norms of busyness or output. It’s just here being a bird knowing it wants to eat and it needs to be patient and meticulously slow to catch something. Slow to me, as I doubt if it’s thinking, “God this is taking too long…”

Feeling this lately. The schedule. All love to hustle and drive but I’ve been practicing checking in to make sure it’s coming from that magic space of love and creativity VS the constant pull into the cauldron of capitalism.  Should be working, hiking, running, posting, writing, producing. All stuff I love 100%. But am I doing them to my personal right amount or playing into the forever-busy norm and subsequent wackest convo in history? “How are you?” “So busy!” “Me too!”

“Ask a seagull what day it is.”

Thanks to my buds Mars T and STLB3 for this mantra. My great blue heron bud might have said a good day to eat frogs, look out for dogs, and keep one eye on this bro watching me while scribbling in his notebook.