Heros & labels

Heroes change, just like us.

When our heroes change it’s scary, because it reminds us we’re always changing. One of my new heroes is a writer, and he’s turning into lots of new writer heroes. Typically I’d spend all my time and energy on music. Researching, listening, creating, supporting… Now a lot of that time is spent reading, writing, brainstorming and buying books.

It’s scary because it questions my identity – if my identity is a musician! This is where labels can really turn against us. It’s possible to feel like seeking out rad written art is a diss to my love for music!  bummertown.com/hellno.

What if my label was just me? Or my vibe? And it can be influenced by anything I feel like absorbing in the moment?  Film, convos with friends, music, books. Walks with my dog. Staring at a bird. Fuck a label. Change (or add)  heroes. Remove any barriers and just keep giving yourself all the experiences you want – judgment free.

Part of this may be dropping some ego off, like when I stopped feeling the need to be a rapper in every conversation I have. Thanks to some rad friends I’ve learned the slow build is so much better! If you tell someone you’re an artist or – even worse, in a band, right off you might get a lackluster ‘oh, cool.’ Doesn’t really pull any weight because why would they know if they like what you do yet!? If you have a bunch of awesome collaborative interactions with someone who later finds out, ‘holy shit, you made this?’ … you just fueled your art in a rad humble way without doing anything but hustling on being you.