[Hella] social media

Like a lot of people my age (and people in general) I’m regularly questioning social media while spending 30min + a day staring at it. Not even really participating, just watching. I’ve gotten past using Facebook and feeling great about that, thinking Twitter and IG are for me.  But I keep catching those ‘what just happened’ feelings I’d get while sitting for 4hrs watching Saved By The Bell into Full House into Growing Pains before dinner growing up. It’s a weird dullness far from how I really want to feel about anything I do.

My new plan is to use text as my social media. All I really want to do is get better at keeping in touch with friends, which I’ve proven to kind of suck at on social media! I’m going to send that weird picture of something reminding me of a friend directly to them, via text. Or better yet call them and tell them about it! Last night I sent my bro a license plate that reminded me of him. We had a solid couple texts and it felt good.

I’ll update on how it’s going in a month

Ever try something like this? Let me know how it worked!