The other night at dinner with my bandmate and best friend, label-owner and mentor, and one of LA’s raddest musical minds I learned greyliens are aliens that live among us in another dimension. No other details were shared, and I only Googled far enough to get the spelling right.

It doesn’t really matter to me if greyliens exist or not. I just find being open to stretched out and irregular ideas helpful. Not saying go ham searching conspiracy theories online, but what if we use avant-garde concepts like greyliens to open up our perspective in other more concrete parts of life, basically giving us infinite options to situations that seemed simple or already out of our hands?

Why not spend time digging into ideas that can lead to things we never even considered a possibility? Like greyliens, or changing your career, or taking a life-changing road trip through Canada to Alaska, or visiting Instanbul to see all the cats, or being the family/crew member you’ve always wanted to be. ❤️👽