🧡💙Massive thanks and strength to everyone who came out to the COH Live today and everyone else sending vibes our way!

Such an honor to lounge for this light of life with y’all and can’t wait to jump into life with this fresh batch of energy received. ⚡️↗️

I personally learned a ton from everything folks shared and hope to learn from this event to do more fun stuff like it!

For those who couldn’t make it I’ll plan to share a bit of the seeds we planted over the coming days.🤓🤘🏽

S/O Miguel at Wild Child for the Heart Beet tea selects… and Vicki and Robert at Three Jewels for sharing your rad rad space with us.

🚀 For you / For the Crew / Looped / On repeat


📸 @kerkmoney79 thx bud!