Fun Pro PhD

I felt really distraught lately – struggling to find the positive approach when it usually just appears. 

A couple of life-changing events left me defeated in a new way. I couldn’t find an answer. And while it’s also not the time to ‘fix’ things, I knew the lowness I felt wasn’t going to help anyone. 

After meditating on this for a while I was able to turn things around, with the credit going to my best friend for how inspiring he has been over these few days. I looked deep into the pain and found him – incredibly resilient, proactive, and even funny.

None of these would be surprising given regular circumstances, but here in a state of grief and loss, I feel like I just re-learned and got my Fun Pro PhD in all of the lessons he’s taught me my entire life, compacted in the span of a few days. Knowing there’s lots more to come… 

I’m so grateful for his leadership, always have been, and always will be. It gives me concrete examples of what I CAN do right now. Not to-do list specifics, but vibes to cruise with. And how to do it with peace and love.