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Wanted to share Patrick Rhone’s words on non-dualism… aka doing you 100… aka Fun Pro etiquette techniques a milli.

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Someone asked me to explain the concept of nondualism to them. Here’s what I said…

Right now, you are both living and dying.

Everything that is living is with each passing moment also progressing towards death. As such, every moment more you live you also move closer to death. Both are active states within you and all living things.

Every moment a star burns, it is also dying. The planets, the moon, the universe itself — every moment existing while at the same time marching towards non-existence.

Somewhere, every moment, a leaf falls from a tree on one side of the planet and a new bud springs to life on a tree on the other side. The dead leaf decomposes and feeds the roots of the tree from which it fell, thus providing nourishment so that it can sprout new leaves in spring. A cycle of constant simultaneous living and dying.

It is true of any non-living object too. Your favorite tea cup is both able to hold your tea and in each moment is actively traveling closer to its breaking. Every moment your smartphone works it is actively moving towards never turning on again.

So, if one were to ask me if I were living or dying, the correct answer is both.

This answer — this truth — is non-dual.

Such an active awareness will help one see the the impermanence off all things. Knowing that each and every thing contains both states actively within them helps to clarify the miracle of every moment and form a deep appreciation for all things. It changes the way you see the world. Everything in the present moment is both miraculously alive and actively dying. Those who dwell deeply within this knowledge will also see that this idea is, at it’s purest, that which connects us and that we share in common to everything. A truly universal truth.

-Patrick Rhone